Saturday, February 20

Review of Suqqu Eyeliner

Suqqu Eyeliner Creamy

Suqqu is a Japanese makeup brand, relatively unknown in the UK, only being available at Selfridges in Birmingham and London. I decided to purchase their cream eyeliner in Black after testing it out at their makeup counter in Selfridges.

I was impressed at the beginning. Firstly, the eyeliner comes in a little frosted glass pot which looks very sophisticated. Regarding the eyeliner itself - I loved the smooth texture, it had great staying power and it did not smudge – which I found a major problem with all my previous ones.

However, this product soon started drying out and you had to dig deep to get to the creamy consistency. It dried very quickly on the lid and sometimes crumbled when applying it, resulting in a distorted line. The product would be great if the cream was smoother and the colour was richer. The product also came with an applicator; however, I found that this is not great for fine lines and also dried out from the product.

Overall, I think this eyeliner is worth a try if you do want a no-smudge eyeliner but only if you can afford the pricey £22, otherwise it’s not worth your money.

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