Saturday, July 24


Here is a recent gift I got for my friend's birthday. I loved it so much I almost kept it myself. The bag is from Dorothy P and there are three new nail polish colours from Maxfactor. 

Wednesday, July 14


You know I love my Primark so here is another haul! Their summer range is out at the moment and it's so pretty and cheap, here's what I got... 

Friday, July 9

My Dresser

So I've been rearranging my room and I was quite proud of how tidy my dresser looked. I love seeing other people's room tours so I thought you might like this. 

You can see some of my makeup collection here. Hope you like it and I would love to see everyone else's too to get ideas!

Thursday, July 1

Creative Attempts

So I was excited to buy these Sally Hansen nail art pens when I was in Canada. They literally look like pens so you can draw on nail designs. However, after using them I do not have good things to say about them. They were so hard to use, especially drawing with my left hand! And after a day the whole thing had completely rubbed off! If you had a better experience with them let me know. 

Nail colour is Commander in Chic - Sally Hansen