Saturday, July 24


Here is a recent gift I got for my friend's birthday. I loved it so much I almost kept it myself. The bag is from Dorothy P and there are three new nail polish colours from Maxfactor. 

Wednesday, July 14


You know I love my Primark so here is another haul! Their summer range is out at the moment and it's so pretty and cheap, here's what I got... 

Friday, July 9

My Dresser

So I've been rearranging my room and I was quite proud of how tidy my dresser looked. I love seeing other people's room tours so I thought you might like this. 

You can see some of my makeup collection here. Hope you like it and I would love to see everyone else's too to get ideas!

Thursday, July 1

Creative Attempts

So I was excited to buy these Sally Hansen nail art pens when I was in Canada. They literally look like pens so you can draw on nail designs. However, after using them I do not have good things to say about them. They were so hard to use, especially drawing with my left hand! And after a day the whole thing had completely rubbed off! If you had a better experience with them let me know. 

Nail colour is Commander in Chic - Sally Hansen

Tuesday, June 29


So when I first saw these shoes sitting on the shop shelf I had to laugh. They just looked so weird! I fell in love with them though, I love the print and they seem really quirky, I just had to have them! Am I alone on this opinion? What do you guys think?

Saturday, June 26


I've never tried a lip scrub before but when I saw my friend's Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub staring at me in the shower I couldn't resist. The taste was so yummy I actually wanted to eat it! My conclusion of lip scrubs is that I love them, my lips were so soft after and felt plumper. Definitely go for the vanilla bean scent, it's very delectable! 

Tuesday, June 22

So this weekend I was lucky enough to see a screening of Toy Story 3 at the Empire in Leicester Square. The cinema was huge, I've never seen so many people in one film!

I loved this film, it was so funny. I was only 5 years old when the first Toy Story came out so it reminded me of being a kid again. I would definitely recommend going to see this film. It comes out in the UK on the 19th of July

Monday, June 21

Forever 21

We don't have a Forever 21 in the UK so after hearing all about it I thought I would take full advantage of the one in Canada. I didn't have an endless budget so here are the few pieces that I bought:

Thank you!

Thanks to all my 50 followers on my blog. It means a lot that you've taken the time to follow/read/comment  on my blog. Thank you! x

Tuesday, June 15


Yay I'm back but am feeling the jetlag and missing the hot weather :(. I did a lot of shopping so hauls will be posted soon!

I took advantage of a manicure and pedicure in Canada as it was a lot cheaper than in the UK. 

Here are photos of my nails. The colour is Custom Kicks by China Glaze and is in their Rainbow of Hope collection.

Tuesday, June 1


Who hates packing? I do but I am in Canada for the next two weeks on holiday so it's ok! There will be a lack of posts but plenty when I return. 

Thursday, May 27

Primark OOTD

Here's my work outfit of the day that I wore today. Both tops are from Primark so total bargain. I wore this with black skinny jeans and a simple pearl necklace. Hope you like it.

Tuesday, May 25

Friendship bracelet - Urban Outfitters

I really like this bracelet from urban outfitters. It feels quite boho and reminds me of summer. 

I am going to attempt to make a similar one myself by making a friendship bracelet and attaching a charm on the end. I just bought some threads from my local Hobbycraft (probably cheaper from a market stall) and I already have jewellery making tools to fix it together....
I will let you know how it turns out when I finish it - with pictures!  

Monday, May 24

Dry legs?

Quick tip: If you suffer from dry legs from this heat I find that baby oil works a treat. It stops any peeling and lasts better than any cream/lotion I've tried. 

Saturday, May 22

Must buy product!

After watching Pixi2woo's April favourites (my favourite youtuber), full of praise for Molton Brown's smoothing lila-leaf hair gloss I had to try this product. My hair can be quite tangled and dry at times and I was yet to find a product that I was fully satisfied with. 
I absolutely love this product. It has an amazing smell - kind of spicy if you like that sort of thing. It makes my hair feel soft and frizz-free and gets rid of all the tangles. If you have the same problems with your hair I definitely recommend trying this out. 

Tuesday, May 18

Fishtail Braid

Here's a photo of my first attempt of a fishtail braid. It's quite messy as it was done in a rush getting ready for work this morning but I am pleased with how it turned out. The photo is taken after my day of work so it last pretty well. It was a lot easier to do then I thought it would be and I will definitely be trying this new hairstyle again.

Monday, May 17


Sorrelli jewellery. 
The pieces are really eye-catching. Here are some of my favourites, the colours are stunning. Here's hoping I can get one of these for my 21st!

Here is a Sorrelli bracelet worn by Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl. 

Wednesday, May 5

Summer Haul

I feel summery! (That's an achievement for the UK). I bought a pretty summer dress this weekend with a really cute pattern and some coral nail polish. 

Wednesday, April 28

Nanette Lepore

I am loving dark, bold lips at the moment and came across this picture from the Nanette Lepore show, NY fashion week. This two-toned lip colour is gorgeous, especially the way it contrasts with blue eyes.  

Lip colour - Charred Red and Odyssey by MAC.

Thursday, April 22

My New Earrings

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

I have been using this cleanser for a couple of months and am delighted with the results. The product is a cleanser that comes with a muslin cloth that exfoliates the skin. There is a noticeable difference as my spots have almost disappeared and my skin is softer. The price is also reasonable compared to the other beauty brand cleansers and I will definitely be purchasing this again. 

Sunday, March 14

YSL Singular Mascara

My latest makeup purchase. I love this mascara and give it a thumbs up. It gives noticeable volume, length and separation. Some people have said they don't like the wand but I've had absolutely no problem with it. It lasts all day and does't smudge and definitely beats the Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara that I was using before. 

Monday, February 22

Clinique Pink Chocolate

                                                                                      These are the first Clinique eyeshadows I have tried. I have to say I really like this palette. The colours go great with my brown eyes, but I do find I use the two darker colours more than the lighter pinky colours. They blend well and give a subtle look with a hint of colour. 

Saturday, February 20

Review of Suqqu Eyeliner

Suqqu Eyeliner Creamy

Suqqu is a Japanese makeup brand, relatively unknown in the UK, only being available at Selfridges in Birmingham and London. I decided to purchase their cream eyeliner in Black after testing it out at their makeup counter in Selfridges.

I was impressed at the beginning. Firstly, the eyeliner comes in a little frosted glass pot which looks very sophisticated. Regarding the eyeliner itself - I loved the smooth texture, it had great staying power and it did not smudge – which I found a major problem with all my previous ones.

However, this product soon started drying out and you had to dig deep to get to the creamy consistency. It dried very quickly on the lid and sometimes crumbled when applying it, resulting in a distorted line. The product would be great if the cream was smoother and the colour was richer. The product also came with an applicator; however, I found that this is not great for fine lines and also dried out from the product.

Overall, I think this eyeliner is worth a try if you do want a no-smudge eyeliner but only if you can afford the pricey £22, otherwise it’s not worth your money.

Sunday, January 17

"What becomes of the broken-hearted? They buy shoes."

Forget about that guy and indulge in some new shoes - like I did. I thought these shoes would be perfect for a birthday celebration next weekend. They’re in fashion, edgy and inexpensive.

I love the detail of the buckle and the studs on the back. The cuff is secured with Velcro so perfectly fits your ankle. What do you think?

Stud Cuff Court

£20.00 (£16.00 with a student discount),

New Look.