Tuesday, June 29


So when I first saw these shoes sitting on the shop shelf I had to laugh. They just looked so weird! I fell in love with them though, I love the print and they seem really quirky, I just had to have them! Am I alone on this opinion? What do you guys think?

Saturday, June 26


I've never tried a lip scrub before but when I saw my friend's Sara Happ Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub staring at me in the shower I couldn't resist. The taste was so yummy I actually wanted to eat it! My conclusion of lip scrubs is that I love them, my lips were so soft after and felt plumper. Definitely go for the vanilla bean scent, it's very delectable! 

Tuesday, June 22

So this weekend I was lucky enough to see a screening of Toy Story 3 at the Empire in Leicester Square. The cinema was huge, I've never seen so many people in one film!

I loved this film, it was so funny. I was only 5 years old when the first Toy Story came out so it reminded me of being a kid again. I would definitely recommend going to see this film. It comes out in the UK on the 19th of July

Monday, June 21

Forever 21

We don't have a Forever 21 in the UK so after hearing all about it I thought I would take full advantage of the one in Canada. I didn't have an endless budget so here are the few pieces that I bought:

Thank you!

Thanks to all my 50 followers on my blog. It means a lot that you've taken the time to follow/read/comment  on my blog. Thank you! x

Tuesday, June 15


Yay I'm back but am feeling the jetlag and missing the hot weather :(. I did a lot of shopping so hauls will be posted soon!

I took advantage of a manicure and pedicure in Canada as it was a lot cheaper than in the UK. 

Here are photos of my nails. The colour is Custom Kicks by China Glaze and is in their Rainbow of Hope collection.

Tuesday, June 1


Who hates packing? I do but I am in Canada for the next two weeks on holiday so it's ok! There will be a lack of posts but plenty when I return.